IOtech Product Rental Services

Renting an IOtech product from Unilytix is a cost-effective alternative for customers that either need to temporarily increase the number of a specific IOtech product that they already own, or to obtain the use of an IOtech product without the capital funding to support the purchase of the product.

When you rent an IOtech product from Unilytix, scheduled calibration services are included at no extra charge. Repair services for normal product failure are also included. Repairs due to customer abuse, natural disaster, or applying signals to the product that are outside of its absolute maximum ratings are not included.

Product rental ranges from $50 per channel per month to $125 per channel per month, depending upon the particular product. Minimal rental commitment is 30 days.

Products from the WaveBook®, DaqBook®, StrainBook® and ZonicBook® lines are available through the product rental program. Included are WaveBook/516E®, DaqBook/2000®, DaqBook/2005®, StrainBook/616®, ZonicBook/618®.

Product availability is limited to what is currently in stock for rental. For rates and availability, please click here to send us an email regarding your rental request.

Messages sent Monday through Friday are answered within 24 hours.