Custom Engineering for IOtech Products

Unilytix offers custom engineering for IOtech products, including custom signal termination, custom enclosures and custom adjunct circuitry.

Custom Signal Termination

Most IOtech products offer a fair degree of general connectivity, but there are situations where a customer needs an alternative signal termination solution. This is often the case when an IOtech product is being engineered into a test stand, or an OEM product. Until now, any sort of modification would mean the unit would no longer be eligible for factory service. However, custom engineered termination solutions by Unilytix are serviced by Unilytix. This gives customers the flexibilty to have an engineered termination solution for their IOtech product that meets their needs, yet still can be serviced when needed.

Unilytix will engineer a custom termination solution that is completely compatible with your IOtech product. The termination solution may be engineered to work within the existing product enclosure provided there is sufficient room available. The termination solution may require an additional circuit board, or possibly an additional chassis that can be splice-connected to the existing IOtech product using the standard IOtech product ear kit. Custom overlays can be created for a clean looking solution, using whatever labeling terminology the customer needs.

When necessary, Unilytix will also create conversion cabling to provide support for product testing and calibration. Your modified IOtech product will be supported by Unilytix and warrantied after modification for a period of one year.

Custom Enclosures

Unilytix can engineer custom enclosures for IOtech products to meet the needs of customers that require such enclosures that are compatible with existing systems. This is often needed for system integration or test stands. IOtech products can be integrated with other signal conditioning solutions inside a custom enclosure for a complete solution. As with custom termination, a custom circuit board can be engineered to make a cleanly integrated system that doesn't rely on messy hand-wired cables and connectors.

As with custom termination solutions, Unilytix will create the necessary cabling to allow the IOtech product to be tested and calibrated as needed. All IOtech units within a custom enclosure will be warrantied for a period of one year.

Custom Adjunct Circuitry

Custom Adjunct Circuitry can be engineered to extend certain aspects of IOtech product functionality. Typically this sort of circuitry is used to offer specific signal conditioning that can't be met with existing IOtech product signal conditioning modules. Such solutions may be implemented within an existing product enclosure, provided there is sufficient room, or implemented in a separate IOtech chassis as necessary.

Custom Adjunct Circuitry is implemented with engineered circuit boards to provide the customer with a reliable solution that can be counted on to be 100% compatible with the IOtech product. From simple passive circuits, to a custom signal conditioning expansion module, Unilytix can engineer a custom solution for you.

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