Specializing in IOtech product services including Calibration, Repair, Rental, and Custom Engineering

Supported Product Lines

ZonicBook DSA System WBK18 Expansion Chassis WaveBook Multi-Function DAQ System
High Speed Strain Measurement System DaqBook 2020 and DaqBook 2001 Multi-Function DAQ Systems
Unilytix provides Repair, Calibration and Rental service for a number of IOtech product lines including ZonicBook®, WaveBook®, StrainBook® and DaqBook®.

IOtech Product Calibration Services

Unilytix offers NIST calibration for most IOtech products. Detailed pre/post calibration reports are available upon request. Expedited calibration services can be provided for an additional fee. Click here to learn more about our calibration services.

IOtech Product Repair Services

Unilytix offers repair services for most IOtech products. All repairs are guaranteed for a period of one year. Expedited repair services can be provided for an additional fee. Click here to find out about our repair services.

IOtech Product Rental Services

IOtech product rental can be an attractive alternative to ownership. Unilytix maintains rental products with yearly calibrations and repairs when necessary.

Rental units are available for a number of IOtech products, both main units and signal conditioning options.

For more details, please see the Rental Services page.

Custom Engineering Services

Unilytix can engineer custom enclosures, signal termination, even integrate multiple IOtech units within a single chassis. Solutions are engineered in a manner that still allows Unilytix to easily calibrate customized systems. Please see the Custom Engineering page for more details.